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Hi I’m Cara!

A brand consultant, business coach, health coach, almond butter addict and legging wearing, traveling fool.

Yep, I’m that crazy multi-passionate women. And your personal business and brand mentor here to help you build your online business in 1-2 hours a day. And travel the world.

I know what it’s like to want something bigger.

To be fulfilled each and everyday and feel like you’re making an impact. To dream about taking your corporate expertise, many passions and turn them into real money.

I’m just a small town Massachusetts girl with big dreams. I always knew I was destined to move to a city and climb the corporate ladder. My first stop was Tampa, FL where I attended college, tanned too much and learned what a true football tailgate was. Here I developed the social media strategy for a Fortune 500 company before Instagram existed, when Twitter was THE place to be.

Following Tampa, I was determined not to let my seventh screenname, SunnyCAgrl23, be only just that - so I said goodbye to everything I knew and shipped 5 boxes to San Francisco and started over without ever having visited and not knowing a soul. I didn’t care though - I had landed my dream job as a Brand Consultant at LinkedIn with a wide array of clients from startups to multinational brands. And I'm still there - but in London working on my English accent!  

And by night, I’m a business coach & mentor showing corporate women how to match their salary without losing their sanity.

Because while I love my job, I know not all of your do.

I'm obsessed with blueprints and structure as I believe with structure comes flexibility and clarity. I pride myself on showing you how to juggle your 9-5 while building your coaching business in 1-2 hours a day because that is what I’ve done.

Excited to have you along for the ride…it’ll be bumpy, fun, and life changing!