Tell me if this sounds like you...

You feel stuck. You’re grateful for where you are but know that you have SO MUCH MORE to give.

You want MORE… more PASSION, more PURPOSE but don’t know where the heck to start.

You’re STRESSED and TIME POOR. You feel maxed out between work, working out, family and heaven forbid you have some type of social life.

You can't imagine being in the exact same place one year from now.

You are multi-passionate. Your notepad is full of blog names, titles, ideas, courses and podcasts.

There's just been something holding your back.

But, you believe there’s something more.


It's time to move from idea to dream life!

I get it. I was stuck in the same cycle.  

> Downloading PDF after PDF, hoping they'd give me an exact blueprint and steps needed to get started.

> Purchasing course after course, hoping this will be one that leads to a breakthrough.

> Following hundreds of women on Instagram, wishing I could be more like them but, feeling it was far fetched. 

> Listening to countless podcasts and reading self help books on entrepreneurship, mindset, scaling.

> Saying, "I don't have the time," but deep down, knowing it was a lie. 

The end result, binging on netflix because i was so exhausted and overwhelmed with information and ideas. 


Hi, I'm Cara.

I was you. Just a girl with passion and a dream for something more. A burning desire to impact women's lives globally and show you that all you need is faith and the right mindset to live the life you desire. It is possible to wear leggings where you want, when you want. Living for the weekend or your next vacation will never satisfy you. Waking up each day feeling INSPIRED with purpose and feeling FREE will.

So one day I just did it.

By day, I’m a Brand Consultant at a global tech company. An American who recently moved from Silicon Valley to London. I’ve worked with a wide array of clients from startups to large multinational brands. At 25 years of age,  my career started taking off when I began helping companies and individuals build and monetize their social media presence.  This was before Instagram existed and when Twitter was THE place to be. I was with a Fortune 500 company, and somehow, the CMO let bright-eyed, bushy tailed, little ol’ me create and drive our social media strategy. Little did I know at the time, that this “project” would change the the course of my life forever.

By night, I’m your Business and Brand Mentor! I show busy, driven women how to build their coaching business all while juggling their 9-5 so that they can travel the world and live more fulfilled. I’m obsessed with travel (currently checking off 1-2 new countries a month), dark chocolate, almond butter, and wearing leggings. I’m also a certified Health Coach, because I wholeheartedly believe that you cannot pour from an empty glass and trust me... 

You’re going to need to a full, unbreakable glass for this adventure!


"Working with Cara has changed my whole life and perspective.

What was once a “future goal” or aspiration that I would put off and never actually actively pursue, is now my life!" - Ashley C.

Stop scrolling through your feed, daydreaming about Bali-life... and actually BEGIN building it!  

Your time is precious, as is mine. Let’s be real, if you’ve read this far you’re ready for a big life change.

You’re driven. Passionate. A hard-worker. You crush any goal put in front of you but right now, you just need a little guidance and accountability.

GREAT! I only work with these type of women and won’t accept anything less.

Working with me is going to stretch you, push you... it may even be a little uncomfortable at times. That's okay!

You’re going to GROW and do things that you didn’t think possible.


To share your passions with the world?!

Then, the Corporate to Coach Mastermind is for YOU!

This 90-day mastermind gives you the exact business blueprint i use to consistently sign 4-figure clients. it is focused on taking INSPIRED ACTION and includes:

  • 8 Video Lessons (live and recorded) on the following topics:

    • Gain clarity on your idea and business model

    • Identify your ideal target audience so that creating content becomes easy!

    • Build an authentic brand that differentiates you!

    • Create irresistible and engaging content (hint: this = sales!)

    • Identify your service and offerings

    • Market your services to stand out in a saturated market (this will be your methodology and secret sauce)

    • Feel good about sales...yup, I said it (if you're doing it right, it shouldn't feel like sales!)

    • Build and nurture your audience for profitable and sustainable growth

  • Live group Q&A calls for your specific questions

  • Private Facebook community for accountability and support

  • Weekly assignments and tasks to keep you on track


  • One 30 minute 1:1 coaching session with me to discuss your specific goals

  • A social media audit

Will you dedicate 60 minutes once a week to change the course of your life forever?!

CB 1.jpg

When it feels scary to jump that’s exactly when you need to. Otherwise, you’ll end up staying stuck forever. And to me, that’s scarier.

"Cara is the person helping the people who are helping the people. Her optimism is contagious and inspires me to push past mental barriers." -Sophie Q

This mastermind is for you if you want to...

  • Build a location-free life, serve others, travel more and worry less

  • Take your million ideas and turn ONE into a profitable, location-free business

  • Gain true clarity and direction on how and where to get started

  • Build your online brand, mission, and voice

  • Gain confidence around how you show up online and on sales calls

This mastermind is NOT for you if…

  • You think it’s going to be easy or you get discouraged easily. You will likely change your mind and direction a few times. You may feel like you’re starting over. You’ll have to be okay with this - the only constant is change!

  • You’re not willing to put in the work weekly and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

  • You’re not a team player. You will get out of this what you put into it, and this means engaging in our close-knit community (I've made life-long friends this way).

  • You're making >$10,000 a month and already have a sustainable business model.

cb2 edited.jpg

By the End of Our Time Together you will….

*Have clarity around your business idea, methodology and ways to drive growth

*Deeply understand your target audience and how to attact them to YOU!

*Have begun building your online brand and content strategy

*Have identified your service offerings

*Be comfort with sales, yes, you do you need to speak to people! Here's the kicker... this will become your favorite part.


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